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Shodan Dorks – Bazı Shodan Aramaları

Yazar by onuroktay
Shodan Dorks … The Internet of Sh*t
A small collection of search queries for Shodan
This was written for educational purpose and pentest only.
The author will be not responsible for any damage..!
The author of this tool is not responsible for any misuse of the information.
You shall not misuse the information to gain unauthorized access.
This information shall only be used to expand knowledge and not for
causing malicious or damaging attacks.
Performing any hacks without written permission is illegal..!!!
Chromecasts / Smart TVs →
“Chromecast:” port:8008
Traffic Light Controllers / Red Light Cameras →
mikrotik streetlight
IP cams, some of which are unprotected →
IP Cams
+ 21k surveillance cams, user: admin; NO PASSWORD →
NETSurveillance uc-httpd
DICOM Medical X-Ray Machines →
Secured by default, thankfully, but these 1,700 + machines still have no business being on the internet..!
DICOM Server Response
Door / Lock Access Controllers →
“HID VertX” port:4070
Electric Vehicle Chargers mag_right →
“Server: gSOAP/2.8” “Content-Length: 583”
Remote Desktop →
“authentication disabled” “RFB 003.008”
Windows RDP →
99.99% are secured by a secondary Windows login screen.
Lantronix ethernet adapter’s →
admin interface open, NO PASSWORD required.
Press Enter Setup Mode port:9999
Pi-hole Open DNS Servers →
“dnsmasq-pi-hole” “Recursion: enabled”
Already Logged-In as root via Telnet →
“root@” port:23 -login -password -name -Session
Android Root Bridges →
A tangential result of Google’s dumb fractured update approach.
“Android Debug Bridge” “Device” port:5555
Xerox Copiers/Printers →
With root acces..!
ssl:”Xerox Generic Root”
Apple AirPlay Receivers →
Apple TVs, HomePods, etc.
“\x08_airplay” port:5353
TCP Quote of the Day →
Port 17 (RFC 865) has a bizarre history…
port:17 product:”Windows qotd”
Find a Job Doing This..! →



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